Friday, March 26, 2010

Milan and Lake Como, March 2010

This is a shot of the roof of the original "Galleria" in Milan. I know it looks a lot like the Galleria in Cambridge, but they differ in lots of ways. This galleria doesn't have a Macy's, but does have gelato. It does share one characteristic with the American mall - McDonalds. It is as ornate as the Galleria and features hostesses in fashionable uniforms. Very Italian. It also has a Borsalino Shop which is the source of the large black hats worn by ultra-orthodox Jews. Clearly multicultural despite being a couple of hundred years old. If you would like to view a slide show of my photos of Milan and Lake Como click on ITALY

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slide Show of Uganda

These are photos I shot on my trip to Uganda in July, 2009. I had gone to Uganda because I had become involved in a wonderful organization there, Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT). URDT is in the very rural district of Kabaale in central Uganda. A friend of mine has gotten involved in their newest project, the African Rural Univerisity. Much of the work of URDT is focused on girls and the University is designed to train women in rural development. URDT does everything; agriculural development, teaching industrial crafts, providing a residential girls school for 200 students, and teaching people about their legal rights through a popular radio station. Besides visiting URDT in Kagadi, I also went to see the Abayudaya in Mbale which is in the eastern part of Uganda. The Abayudaya are the Jews of Uganda, a group dating back only to about 1919 who converted on their own. To hear some of their songs click on MUSIC. My travel in Uganda took me to Kampala, the capital city, and to Murchison National Park. There I stayed in the very colonial Paraa Lodge and went out each day to look at animals on the savannah. It was an adventure. The photos cover my whole journey. Click HERE to view them in a slide show from Flickr