Friday, April 2, 2010

Marshmallow Chicks and Matzoh

So today is Good Friday. It does seem odd to be in my sixties and still associate Good Friday with having the next week off from school. But, that must be the way memories are laid down and the infrastructure of expectation is built. This year Easter coincides with Passover. I have an ecumenical association to the two holidays; Marshmallow chicks and Matzoh. My father owned a candy store in Brooklyn and the spring holidays were heralded by those little puffy soft chicks in the candy case, and matzoh crumbs on the floor. My sister brought a package of Peeps Brand marshmallow chicks to the Seder. I love the fact that Peeps puts the word "Brand" after its name so that you can distinguish it from the many other manufacturers of marshmallow chicks that you can choose from. Although I have to admit that they seem to have perfected the placement of those little block dots that make up the eyes of those cute birds. Making matzoh cute would be much more of a challenge. So what does this have to do with my current life? I wondered about that too. Even though I run an organization with "Jewish" in its name, I have always been sensitive to make sure that we have a culture that responds to all people in need. After all, "repairing the world" is part of our creed. JF&CS deals with people from every religion and ethnic group. Is it possible that growing up with those fluffy chicks and that tough matzoh is the source of the importance I place on diversity? It would not be a bad explanation. Have a great holiday - whichever you celebrate.


  1. Love the blog, Sy. Good for you.

    You should start to feed your posts into a Twitter account, just so the people who want to get them there can do so.

    Let's get together next time I'm at the office, I'll get you all set up.

    And a great holiday to you.

    Mike Troiano

  2. wow - Sy - love feeling like I have a telescope into your thoughts...fascinating.
    barb gaffin